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Heatseal Paper Application

1. Remove all packaging.

2. Place paper roll into the machine according to manufacturer's handbook.

3. Coating side wound inwards for the plotter, outwards for the spot & crooss types.

4. Tensions of the paper adjust to normal, neither too tight nor loose.

5. Make sure no creases appear on the paper after the plotting and during the transfer on to lay.

6. Put the coated side on the lay.

7. Check the iron heat settings. Our temperature range is from 80° to 140°C.

8. For the best result of bondingi apply iron equally on the whole surface of the paper.

9. There is different bonding on different type of fabric. Therefore, use lower heat settings on the delicate fabrics. Otherwise, paper may bond stronger than it should or leaves mark on the fabric and does not bont at all. For this reasons make an initial trial on the fabric before use.

10.Keep your paper in its polyethylene bag. Away from damp, fire and the impacts, when you are not using it.