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About Our Company

Credo , specializing in the production of consumables for garment manufacturers and a company serving worldwide leader in this regard. Credo in this sector, even though the new firms entering the production quality of service , up to label the pricing issue has signed a multi accepted standards in the world.

The most important of these can be found below. As a result of the following information that differentiates Credo ; Credo , except domestic market , serves customers in more than fifty countries. In this process, in the framework of the quality of service and learn to grow with each passing day and continually increasing the potential customer shows that the world's leading manufacturers of a company in this field . Thank you for choosing Credo.

Our Important Standards

* Credo, kg Uses 3 digits after the comma tags. (Example; 28,335 kg) all weights and weighing machines are made in the most accurate. Our principal objective here is always the value of the paper addressing the necessity of customers and end users. This system has been prepared on behalf of our clients fully.

* Which it is given an ID number to all rolls produced in the Credo . When asked about a future goal here is able to roll it comfortably reach the right customer information system scanning and held firm in the sample analysis result for each output . the ID numbers on the rolls of the roll can be seen that when processed under what conditions and by whom. This retrospective study used ID s in quickly and efficiently. ID number is printed on a kora mesafa near the edges of the roll. Thus, even if half of the roll used ID numbers may still be easily seen .

* In particular, exports and demand in each installation made ​​from Credo , including those of domestic installation , simultaneously to our clients in written and visual form by e-mail in the report every hour and after receiving final approval from the customer koyteyn or TR referral is made . This way or another space marine loading the goods the customer is able to follow the extreme .

* SMART TECHNOLOGY ADHESIVE which we manufacture our adhesive products (IGT ) is used. In this way, adhesion during and after the stain resistance, adhesion , and thanks to our specialty chemicals disturbing consequences such as deformation is minimized and paper during the process ( if necessary) and even allows the use repeatedly .

* Us his us all the machines that are used in production and has all rights credo.