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Frequently Asked Questions

The following question and answer from the system to the most common questions we have incorporated our company.

Credo Is Who?

Credo, textile industry, and in particular is a company specialized in plotter paper.

Although it was established in 2009, is known for quality and reliability all over the world. Holds a leading position in the domestic market but also in the world market.

Credo is the manufacturer?

Credo ; manufacturing, marketing and sales activities are done on-site.

All construction and machinery and equipment used in the production process belongs to the patent itself.

Credo produces only in Turkey?


Credo has a patent on using their own machines since the machines used in the production of a logistical advantage allowing for the Hot Sale all over the world to create and, because of some centers has opened and continue to open new centers.

Does that make imports Credo ?


Some business Credo founded in order to keep up more advanced positions and their potential to get engaged in the import, in order to adapt to changing circumstances. The ratio of imports to exports remains at the level of 0.15.

What is the potential of us?

Credo hundreds of jobs next Sunday as more than fifty customers a continuous variable had more than two hundred countries and serves customers.

Credo how we can try products?

Contact us and we can send you a sample catalog and detailed company information when you provide your address. If desired, the various meters we can send a sample in to be tried with the aim of the paper.

Larger sample requests (at pallet level) may be sent in the manner required within the framework of the corresponding costs.

How can we order?

The final details of the materials you have requested (size, color, quality, level, hole, printing, quality, etc.) email us with your request by fax or when you switch, you immediately prepared and pro forma payment/delivery details shaped.

Proforma of acceptance of the related goods production/payment pending the outcome of related personnel in accordance with the terms of schedule and production starts (or responsible for export marketing) and also periodically gives information about the production at any time.

What are after sales and services?

Credo in the domestic market by exports-imports and sales at every stage of experienced. It's not for sale just during the sales process technical information, customer's other vendors related to the Elimination of the problems that can live with the demands of the shipping requested information and assistance with bank procedures, customs, practices, and also monitors and every topic that might be needed answers.

What is the mode of payment?

The sales process may be concluded in a very different form of payment, the price is the main factor. The customer in question the credibility of the legal procedure of the country concerned in the exports of goods, etc depending on the customer's demand and payment policy in this regard to make a plan to meet longer best of us.

After the delivery of goods if you have a request what?

All of the Rolls produced in the US (on the edge near kora) ID number. In this way, if you want to learn any details about our customers after the sale when the relevant goods or the end-users in the operational sense, the paper on the Rolls when they want to use us more efficiently at the party ID numbers may also report this information and, as a result of tests performed on samples of stored in the company and to our clients the most accurate information and comments can be given.

Apart from that, demands of us more detailed the requested information goes to the relevant personnel by giving necessary information to the customer and the company presents it in the educational way. Briefly; Credo, before the sale, during the sale and after-sale, is located at the side of the customer until it has consumed the last roll.

Credo Paper


Credo, apparel and supplies for specializes in the production of the manufacturer is a company in the leading position worldwide service on the subject.

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